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Injection Grouting in Delhi Ncr, Noida, Gurgaon


Injection Grouting. Injection grouting is the method of filling the cracks, open joints, voids, or honeycombs, in concrete or masonry structural members. This is done under pressure with a grout material that cures in place to produce the desired results like strengthening a structure and preventing.One of the major problems that most construction workers face is dealing with holes, cracks, fine pores, uneven surfaces, etc. These not only worsen the surface texture but also weaken the overall construction. The holes, cracks, and other depressions can become a thriving ground of germs, pests, and bugs. So, the best way to get rid of these problems is injection grouting. It is a new form of filling up the holes instead of applying plaster on the overall wall once again. Although the process is quite useful, few know injection grouting. We have explained the process in this article below, along with the advantages and other related aspects. 

Induction grouting is a special process through which constructors fill up void areas, cracks and holes, honeycombs, and open joints in masonry and concrete structures. Huge pressure is applied to inject the grout material into the place so that curing occurs faster and the entire architecture becomes stronger.In this process, special plastic material is used as the grout. It has a high viscosity and almost zero shrinkage to ensure the gaps or voids remain stable and closed, regardless of mechanical abrasion and extreme weather conditions.

Applications of injection grouting

  • Filling the gaps and cracks in construction structures 
  • Repairing all cracks on column walls
  • Applying the finish on the wall surface
  • Settling the foundation columns
  • Preparing any form of cracks or damage in masonry and concrete structures
  • Honeycomb structures
  • What waterproofing the walls
  • Preventing water leakage from stone masonries
  • Improving the strength of tunnel linings
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