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Building Construction Contractor in Gujarat, Ahmedabad

The need for repair and strengthening may arise from deterioration, changes in use, changes in the relevant design codes, structural defects or seismic conditions. We use  technologies to develop strategies to restore or add load-carrying capacity to bridges, buildings, and other structures.

Rehabilitation, strengthening and protection of concrete structures all require thorough investigations, clearly defined procedures, expert execution and systematic quality control. Inspects and assesses civil engineering works, buildings, bridges and industrial structures both to determine present condition and to initiate any measures found necessary for restoration to full service condition. In many cases, VSL also undertakes the project management for the rehabilitation work as a turnkey service.

Repairs and regular preventive actions serve to extend the life span of a structure, which leads to financial savings and reduced wastage of materials.

Repair, strengthening or reconfiguration can give a new life to existing or ageing structures that might otherwise be demolished and replaced.

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